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Eva Boch

Crescent Moon Energy Art Print

Crescent Moon Energy Art Print

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About the illustration: Under the crescent moon, change your skin and believe in yourself, expand your being ☆. When the moon is crescent, take advantage of the energy to believe in yourself and bring out these new ideas 💜. It's a good time to motivate yourself to put your dreams into action. Get ready to be the best version of you!

As the crescent moon transforms, so do the facets of your being. This illustration echoes the profound influence of the moon, which intertwines with the essence of femininity and intuition. The delicate glow of the crescent moon reflects your inner radiance, inspiring self-confidence and igniting the fire of motivation. Like the ever-changing phases of the moon, this design stimulates growth, encourages learning and embraces transformation. Welcome the evolution of your journey, flowing harmoniously with the rhythms of life. Let the enchantment of the crescent moon guide you towards self-discovery and balance. This artwork revels in the connection between lunar energy and your spirit, uniting nature, femininity and the essence of the universe. Celebrate the magic of change and growth with this illustration.

• Paper thickness: 190 gr

• Fine art print quality

• Size: A3/A4/A5/A6

• Sold without frame

• Print reinforced by a rigid board and delivered flat in an envelope

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